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Wetherby abuzz at Lib Dems’ bee plan

by Wetherby Liberal Democrats on 25 January, 2019


David Hoppps wants an environmentally-conscious Wetherby

WETHERBY Lib Dems reckon that the town should follow the example of Amsterdam to help protect the environment.

And before anybody becomes too concerned that does not mean a network of canals driven through the town.

Amsterdam has increased bee population in the city by 40% in 10 years by planting bee-attracting flowers in public areas and banning chemical insecticides in nearby areas.

And Wetherby Lib Dems think that local councillors and Leeds City Council should financially support a pilot scheme in Wetherby – with the involvement of Wetherby in Bloom and other enthusiasts committed to enhancing the beauty of the town.

Wetherby Liberal Democrats campaigner David Hopps said: “As a member of Green Liberal Democrats, I’m committed to building support on environmental issues and making the Wetherby ward one of the most environmentally-conscious in Leeds.

“This is a scheme that the whole community could get behind – with individual householders also thinking about the flowers they plant in their gardens.

“Who knows – to be known as Yorkshire’s Bee Capital might even do wonders for tourism and help the local economy.”

Leeds was one of four cities chosen for research which concluded that public spaces, allotments and private gardens can play a big part as a haven for bees and other pollinators, helping to arrest their alarming decline.

Wetherby Lib Dems say that losing touch with nature can also increase stress levels and affect our health and mood.

The commitment would build on efforts by Friends of Sandringham Park has last year won a Green Flag Bees Needs award for making changes to improve their habitat.

David Hopps said: “The yearning for a healthier environment is stronger than ever as people of all ages recognise the need to preserve our planet for future generations.

“Those who just shrug that nothing can be done because the future is out of our control are too pessimistic. Any chance an individual or community can make is a statement that we demand better for our environment.

“In Leeds as a whole, Labour’s record does not always match the green ambitions of local people and we encourage them to do more.

And on improving the environment in the Wetherby ward, we have not heard enough from Tory councillors and we call upon them to back our ideas.”

The call to bring back the bees is the latest of a raft of proposals by Wetherby Liberal Democrats to make the town greener.

The Wetherby Liberal Democrats plan to make Wetherby greener

  • Work with shops to reduce reliance on single-use plastic and disposable cups.
  • Promote drinking fountains in Wetherby and Boston Spa
  • Protect our most cherished open spaces from development
  • Support safe neighbourhoods for cycling and walking
  • Fight to keep our footpaths open and in good condition
  • Support Wetherby market, local shops and allotments
  • Introduce door-to-door glass collection and food waste disposal across Leeds
  • Reverse Leeds Labour’s charges for bulky waste collection and so reduce fly tipping.