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Break-up of Conservative monopoly will benefit Wetherby

by Wetherby Liberal Democrats on 7 February, 2019

David Hopps says the break-up of the Conservative monopoly will benefit Wetherby

Wetherby Liberal Democrats believe that the break-up of the Conservative monopoly in Wetherby can be good for democracy in the town.

The Wetherby News has reported two of Wetherby’s leading councillors have resigned from the Conservative Party stating that party interests are taking precedence over community interest. Coun Cindy Bentley, who has been a Conservative for 16 years and is chairman of Welcome to Wetherby, and Kazia Knight, who is chairman of the award-winning Sandringham Park and has been a councillor for six years, will serve as independent councillors until the local elections on May 2.

David Hopps, chair of Wetherby Liberal Democrats, said: “I have a strong philosophical commitment to the Lib Dems but I know from my time on Bramham Parish Council, which is a non-political body, that good local politics is also heavily reliant on people with great community spirit.

“Sometimes your political loyalties show through but often it is about people mucking in and getting the job done for the benefit of the community. That recognition why Liberal Democrats have been so successful in local politics.

“There may be things I disagree on with Cindy and Kazia – I wouldn’t pretend to know in great detail – but there will also be areas of common agreement and their commitment to the community is clear to see.

“All monopolies are unhealthy – and political monopolies are no different. Conservative assumptions that they can sit back and control Wetherby til the end of time need to be challenged.

“That can only be good for our local democracy.”