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Lib Dems hail best result in Wetherby for nearly 40 years

by Wetherby Liberal Democrats on 5 May, 2019

David Hopps hailed the Liberal Democrats’ finest result in Wetherby for nearly 40 years after finishing a clear second in the Leeds City Council and confirming the Lib Dems as the only realistic challengers to the Conservatives.

Liberal Democrats gained more votes than Labour and the Greens combined after strong campaigning in the Wetherby area throughout the winter and have now been identified beyond debate as the only challengers to Conservative monopoly power.

Hopps said: “We have proved beyond doubt that in the Leeds City Council elections you can vote Liberal Democrat without letting in any of the other parties. The tired old refrain of ‘vote Lib Dem and let in Labour’ has no credibility any more.

We believe the best is yet to come as more and more people recognise us as the alternative voice in the community. Come and join us

“We recognise that the Tory block vote prevailed and Gerald Wilkinson should properly be congratulated on a convincing victory.

“But our voice in the Wetherby area is getting stronger. We have risen from 5% to 24% of the vote in two years, our membership is growing and increasingly our voice is being heard.

“We believe the best is yet to come as more and more people recognise us as the alternative voice in the community. Come and join us.

“Add this to our breathtaking national success in the local elections and it is an exciting time to be a Lib Dem again.

The final tally has the Liberal Democrats in control of TWELVE councils and gaining more than 700 new council seats.

These are the best local election results in our party’s history – by a significant margin.

Pressing the Conservatives to pursue a committed environmental agenda will be at the heart of Lib Dem campaigning in Wetherby in the coming months.

Hopps said: “We will continue to press the Tories for action on the issues that matter – with a concern for our environment one of our top priorities.

“The Tories indicated during the campaign that they would deliver electric charging points for vehicles in Wetherby and Boston Spa and that they would facilitate free water outlets to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

“This should only be the start but we expect those promises to be delivered.”

Hopps also reflected on the distressing scenes minutes after the electioin result was announced when Gerald Wilkinson colapsed and needed medical attention.

Hopps said: “I had congratulated Gerald on his victory only a few minutes before he collapsed. It was disturbing to see him in such distress.

“The immediate priority must be that he is given time to look after his health and naturally I wish him well.

“Election night is long and arduous, no matter what age you are, and I’m sure everybody present was grateful for the prompt medical attention he received.”

Help us change the Wetherby area for the better. Contact me directly at elmetrothlibdems@gmail.com – David Hopps