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Wetherby Lib Dems press for U-turn on Spofforth Hill

by Wetherby Liberal Democrats on 11 September, 2019

A potential u-turn by Harrogate planning chiefs on the proposal for more than 200 houses on the fringes of Wetherby, just inside the North Yorkshire boundary, has been welcomed by Wetherby Liberal Democrats.

David Hopps, chair of Wetherby Liberal Democrats, said that they had been implacably opposed to the proposal from the outset.

Hopps said: “Harrogate’s Tory-controlled council has deferred, refused then approved this decision – and to make matters worse they made their about-turn in secret session without respecting the electorate by explaining why.

“That planning officers are now recommending refusal is finally a step in the right direction but the battle is far from over.” 

The scheme will be reconsidered at a meeting of Harrogate planning committee on September 17.

But Hallam Management, the agents representing the developer, have formally lodged an appeal for “non determination” which they are entitled to do as so much time has lapsed since they first made their application. 

Hopps said: “Because of the indecision, the developer has been able to lodge an appeal. Harrogate Council must not only recommend refusal, they must lay out their reasons with absolute clarity in the hope of blocking the development at appeal.

“Future generations need housing and Lib Dems in Wetherby will support the right houses in the right places.

“But this is an ill conceived scheme – cuckoo development where Harrogate will meet some of its housing quota at the expense of a nearby authority. Harrogate will get the proceeds, Wetherby will get the headaches.

“Spofforth Hill is the busiest route into the town and cannot cope with any more traffic. Junior schools are at capacity and doctors’ waiting lists are getting longer and longer.

” This scheme is one of the most misconceived housing proposals in the Wetherby area for many years and for the town’s future health must be killed off.”

More information regarding Harrogate Planners reasoning for rejection can be found here:  Harrogate Planning recommendation