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Hopps promises “action not stunts” on environmental crisis

by Wetherby Liberal Democrats on 13 November, 2019

David Hopps has real environmental credentials as a member of Green Liberal Democrats

David Hopps has offered to work closely with the politically-neutral Boston Spa Green Group if the Liberal Democrats win the Wetherby ward by-election for Leeds City Council on December 12.

David said: “Liberal Democrats at national level and in Leeds have long been warning that we must act on environmental issues – and the urgency could not be more apparent,” Hopps said.

“The formation of an environmental pressure group in Boston Spa also provides a real opportunity for change and, if elected, I would seek to work closely with it to help develop policies at local level that can really make a difference.”

Wetherby’s exclusively-Tory Town Council has now followed Leeds City Council in declaring a Climate Emergency and has promised to draw up its own committee to consider green issues.

Hopps, a member of Green Liberal Democrats, said: “I fervently hope Wetherby Conservatives have seen the light because there is an urgent need to address environmental issues in our community.

“But in view of their past record forgive me for wondering if it might be little more than a blatant electioneering. I promise action not stunts.”

Hopps has recently demanded answers from Yorkshire Water about the amount of raw sewage entering the River Wharfe – a campaign that was praised by Wetherby-based environmental campaigners at a full meeting of Leeds City Council on November 13.

Support for David’s campaign is growing fast. Only by supporting the Liberal Democrats is there an opportunity for real change.

The Lib Dem plan for our environment

  • Join the Leeds Liberal Democrats’ fight to reverse Leeds Labour’s charges for bulky waste collection and so crack down on fly tipping.
  • Campaign against raw sewage outflows and plastic pollution in the River Wharfe
  • Explore the introduction of a green certificate for local shops to help reduce reliance on single-use plastic and disposable cups.
  • Protect our most cherished open spaces from development
  • Support and enhance safe neighbourhoods for cycling and walking
  • Fight to keep our footpaths open and in good condition
  • Liaise with bodies like Woodland Trust and local landowners to increase number of trees in our community
  • Reduce the need for bottled water by promoting free tap water using the Find Your Fill campaign at Refill.org.uk and investigate the provision of drinking fountains in Wetherby and Boston Spa
  • Support Wetherby market, local shops and allotments
  • Support Lib Dem policy to introduce door-to-door glass collection and food waste disposal across Leeds
  • Work with In Bloom groups, landowners and other local volunteers to improve biodiversity and introduce bee-friendly, pesticide-free wildflower areas across our area.
  • Support electric charging points across the ward so that Wetherby and Boston Spa are prepared for the rise in electric vehicles.