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Wetherby social care issues must be addressed

by Wetherby Liberal Democrats on 15 November, 2019

The Wetherby area finds it harder to attract Carers than many parts of Leeds.

As it is an outlying part of the city, hard-pressed Carers coping with ever-increasing demand cannot afford the time or the expense to travel so far.

That has caused a Care shortage – and understandable stress for many elderly people.

As the Wetherby area has more than the average number of elderly residents, and with the decisions repeatedly put off about how we will look after an ageing population, the situation is a critical one.

Our health and social health services are at crisis point in the UK despite the colossal commitment of our health care workers.

The Wetherby area has an above-average proportion of elderly people and needs more support. But it is officially one of the hardest places in Leeds to recruit carers and support workers because travel times for carers make it unaffordable.

FIND OUT MORE FROM LEEDS CITY COUNCIL:  https://www.leeds.gov.uk/residents/health-and-social-care/adult-social-care 

Charities such as WiSE do a sterling job providing support services in our community but they can only do so much.

And now that Leeds’ Labour-led council has privatised Social Care, we are entirely reliant on the private sector.

Leeds Lib Dems want a truly age-friendly city where care is central to our communities. Every community should be able to set up its own Care Board to ensure that people are properly looked after in later life.

And we want to encourage sustainable micro businesses to help fill the gap – offering a real opportunity for Wetherby to begin to turnaround its staff shortage..

At national level, Liberal Democrats have pressed for a cross-party solution to the Social Care crisis, recognising that difficult decisions are more likely to be taken if they are taken together.

During his campaign in the Wetherby by-election on December 12, David Hopps has also repeatedly heard from local people that waiting times in hospitals and local surgeries are rising dramatically and too often phones go unanswered at times of need.

Time and again the point is made that new housing must come with sufficient services.

Our health and social health services are at crisis point in the UK.

It is a credit to our brilliant healthcare workers that our NHS has continued to take care of millions of us every year.

Waiting times have increased, staff feel undervalued and patient care is suffering.

Our social care and mental health services are severely underfunded and we are failing our elderly population.

And Brexit will make all of this even worse.

Brexit will threaten the ability of our staff from elsewhere in Europe to work here.

It will lead to medicine shortages and delays to key treatments.

And it will mean UK patients miss out access to new treatments from medical research funding and trials.

No wonder people are worried.

One Response

  1. Enid Barnett says:

    David Hopps your Lib Dem candidate has supported the Fisher Partnership non-charitable private older person care application in Bramham making us even more “reliant on the private sector” and at the same time endorsing the removal of at least 50 mature trees without any onsite replacement tree planting and supporting the application by Fisher Partnership whose latest care home development in operation is judged “Inadequate” by the Care Quality Commission and 6 months after that report is still in special measures.