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Fostering community spirit is priority for Wetherby Lib Dems

by Wetherby Liberal Democrats on 15 November, 2019

The Lib Dem stall at the Boston Spa Gala

The endless Tory monopoly in the Wetherby area has stripped our communities of a chance to debate the decisions that affect our lives. It’s time for change – and that change can come about by electing a Lib Dem councillor on December 12.

Handing power back to communities, rather than increasing centralised State power, is at the heart of our philosophy.

The Tory lockdown of the Wetherby ward has removed much of that power from our area.

Decisions are rarely given proper scrutiny and can be agreed in private by a few people without the chance for proper debate. That’s not good enough.

Parish Councils are also sometimes not as independent as they appear with influential parish councillors slavishly toeing the Conservative line whilst keeping their loyalties under wraps.

And when a group of Wetherby Independents dared to challenge Tory supremacy on Wetherby Town Council, the Conservatives resorted to dirty tricks in their election material.

This attempt to promote an ABBA tribute night at the Wetherby Festival didn’t exactly work out as planned for David Hopps

The election of a Lib Dem councillor in Wetherby would be a catalyst for change. For the past three years we have knocked on more doors and delivered more Focus leaflets than the rest of the parties put together – to try to keep you informed about the issues we feel matter in our community.

There is a sense of good fortune from so many of us who live in Wetherby and Boston Spa but just talking about “pride in our beautiful town” is not enough to build a brighter future.

Many community groups are struggling for volunteers and fighting against growing financial pressures. Wetherby Sports Association is battling a demanding financial situation. Wetherby Lions do wonderful things with limited numbers. And Wetherby Festival has somehow managed 42 successive years in defiance of limited help.

Just up the road, Boston Spa increasingly has wonderful stories to tell – a great place to live, punching above its weight.

There are so many more to mention.

Supporting those hardy souls seeking to make a difference in our community is at the heart of David Hopps’ philosophy as he seeks election in the Wetherby by-election for Leeds City Council on December 12.

David wants to find ways to encourage more people – new and old inhabitants in our area – to support local community groups, either by attending events or getting involved.

David spent much of his life overseeing the fortunes of Thorner Cricket Club – another fight for survival – and, like many throwing their weight behind community groups, found it sometimes became an overwhelming obsession.

Checking the plants at the Bramham Allotments stall at the Bramham Gala

More recently, he has served on Bramham Parish Council before being forced to step down because of pressure of work (he would massively curtail his professional commitments if elected and regard his councillor role as a full-time job).

He has helped with publicity at Wetherby Festival, remains a member of Bramham Pavilion committee, has contributed to Bramham in Bloom and, at the time of writing, was looking forward to a debut appearance on Wetherby Lions’ Santa’s Sleigh.

There is something out there for everyone – even those with endlessly busy lives. We want to help you find it and feel part of our community.