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Wetherby Tories up to dirty tricks again – THE FACTS

by Wetherby Liberal Democrats on 19 November, 2019

Wetherby Tories are up to their dirty tricks again! This time the target is David Hopps, our candidate in the Wetherby by-election. Clearly David has them rattled!

David voluntarily stood down from Bramham Parish Council in July because his professional commitments meant time away from home was affecting his attendance at meetings.

Instead he committed himself to developing Lib Dem policy in the Wetherby area and volunteered to help with publicity at the Wetherby Festival.

He also decided that when he next stood for election as a Lib Dem councillor in a Leeds City Council election it would be with a commitment to fulfil the role as a full-time job

Tory election material delivered across the Wetherby ward ahead of a by-election on December 12 wrongly accuses David of “repeatedly failing to turn up” to Parish Council meetings and of showing “contempt for voters”.

This is the shady accusation.

Tory dodgy facts and pompous lectures

The second picture is a letter from the chair of Bramham Parish Council, Linda Richards, who happens to be David’s Conservative opponent in the Wetherby by-election. Upon his resignation, she officially congratulates him for his commitment. 🙄

Not much sign of contempt here!

  • Wetherby Conservatives also fought dirty against the Independents who stood for the Town Council in May by dishonestly suggesting that they lived outside the area. Now they are up to their old tricks again.


* David is on the record as saying he will commit to a city councillor role as a full-time job if elected.

* David and his team have so far knocked on more than 2,000 doors to try to speak to voters in this campaign and are out daily.

* Whatever the provocation, David’s campaign will not stoop to lies or personal attacks.

The Tory monopoly is bad for Wetherby.